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The Tribe Home Daycare

 Policy Handbook

Welcome to the Tribe Home Daycare! We are excited to be partnering with you and your family as we help your child to reach each developmental milestone through play/ As a result of using our care, children are prepared socially, emotionally, mentally, and academically for elementary school. We strive to instill a feeling of self-worth and love through learning for each child in our care. Learning is an active experience, through constant communication and active involvement between us.  Your child will be able to make good choices, communicate his or her feelings with confidence and complete majority of task independently.

Thank you for trusting us in the care of your child.



18 months walking through 12 years of age


Hours of Operation


6:30am -5:30pm

$50 Registration fee per child



The closure calendar for the year is attached and is sent out every Dec 31 for the upcoming year.

All learning rotations start at 10 am and for this reason we do not accept any children to be dropped off after this time. The only exception is for doctor’s appointment and there is a doctor’s note present at drop off.


Open Door Policy


Any parent or guardian on a child’s enrollment form is welcome to visit our child care home or view their child’s information (enrollment form, notes, etc) during the hours of operation and while the child is in the care. The parent or guardian will not need written or verbal permission to visit the child care. In order to minimize child care distractions and the flow of the day we will not allow any unscheduled visit to exceed half an hour.


We allow announced and unannounced access to authorized personnel during the hours of our operation. These individuals will have identification with proper agency cleared background checks. These individuals will never access to any child and will never be left alone with any children. These individuals include but not limited to; child care licensing, fire marshal, health department and child care investigation.




Parent Involvement


We encourage parent involvement in every area of our care. There will be times we will ask for things to be brought in from home (show & tell, photos etc.) work to be completed at home (help identifying letters, work on numbers etc.) and other things that require your participation. If a parent ever wants to be involved at our child care we require that it be scheduled. Having parent scheduled time with child care providers allows the providers to work an activity in the schedule that will meet the needs of the children without being distraction to the flow of the day. Scheduling parent involvement will also ensure that not more than two parents are present and do not exceed one hour present in the child care. 


We use class Dojo for all children in our care. Class Dojo is a classroom app where teachers, child care providers and school leaders can connect with parents.  We use this app to communicate with parents on daily activities, upcoming events, and more. This comes in the form of desktop and as an app. These apps are used to document private messages to parents. We will use this app to document and communicate any progress, comments, questions, and concerns.  This is also the app that all parents will use to communicate with us.  We also use Tadpoles for children to document feedings, diaper changes and more. Tadpoles help us communicate and engage parents in the learning process by sharing photos, videos, progress reports and other important information daily.


To keep business professional providers and parents may not contact each other on personal social media page.


Providers, substitutes, and family members over the age of 14 have cleared background checks and applicable FBI fingerprints. Providers and substitutes have all met required training hours as recognized by child care licensing. Providers, substitutes, and family members have completed the home child care orientation and have demonstrated knowledge of understanding.


All required records of children and their families are kept confidential. No unauthorized individuals will have access to these records.  When a provider is giving parent information about his or her child the provider will never disclose the names or information about another child. All information that is shared or heard at the home child care should be kept confidential and not shared outside of the child care.


Every year in December our policies are reviewed and changed accordingly. This includes hours of operations and tuition. We will notify you within 30 days, which we send you an email/text alert with the changes.


We do accept gently used toys and indoor equipment that is not listed on the product recall list. We do also accept arts and crafts items, books, and outdoor equipment. Thank you for considering us when donating items.



We do not have any pets here.


We use Kidkare accounting software to send out invoices. Each family will have an account to view and print receipts when needed. During tax time eligible families can log into family Kidkare account and print tax information to include the home child care tax identification number.


Please be mindful of the community and do not have music playing loud enough to be heard outside of your vehicle. When picking up and dropping off please be considerate of other families in a timely manner that allows each family the opportunity to drop off and pick up without having to wait.


Tuition is $200 weekly. Any additional children will be $175 a week.  We do offer a sibling discount to families who have more than one child in their family. For more information please contact the Jonae Metcalfe for more information.

All tuition is due every Thursday by 5pm that day. On Friday, you are late and will be charged an additional late fee of $50 dollars plus tuition.


I accept cash, money orders, and cashier’s checks only. Please have exact change; there will be no change, refunds, or credits given. By enrolling your child/children you are agreeing to this policy with no exceptions.


Weekly tuition is due the Thursday prior to the week care is needed no later than 5pm or the last day your child is in care. There is a $50 late payment fee if you pay your child’s tuition on Friday. If you do not pay your child’s full tuition with the late fee your child will not be able to return for the upcoming week without paying a re-enrollment fee of $50 and completing all enrollment paperwork again.


What is late pick up fee and when does it have to be paid?

Late pick up is for any child picked up at 5:31 pm or later no exceptions. It is applied to each child so if you have two children or more it will be $50 for each child. It is due no later than your child’s next drop off day, if the payment isn’t paid your child will not be able to return to the daycare. If you have paid for the week or month already your child will still not be able to return to care without the late fee being paid NO EXCEPTIONS!




Receive $25 off of your total tuition when you pay for your full tuition monthly. Monthly tuition is due no later than the first Thursday of each month in order to receive the discount, for more information please as staff for further information.


Attention:  Do not pay monthly if you are not sure if your child will adjust well. There are no REFUNDS if your child has to be removed from care. There are no roll over for any days or weeks not paid with your monthly tuition.





It is your responsibility to still make payments on time. When your child is enrolled he or she is taking a paid spot. Since we are unable to predict when a child will be sick we are not able to grant tuition free waivers.




If your child has been in our care for a  year (uninterrupted) your family may have one week of free vacation per year (based on the time of your enrollment date and must be used all at once meaning Monday-Friday). Please notify us two weeks in advance in order for us to honor this. If you need an additional week of vacation you will be required to pay 50 % percent of tuition for any additional weeks continuous of vacation time.  We must be notified at least two weeks in writing prior or full tuition will be due. If your child has been in our care for less than a year uninterrupted full tuition is still due.




Tuition is due as stated above under the section “When is Tuition Due”. If you are going out of town and will   not be in care for the upcoming week you still have to pay for the week you will be in care (according to what you qualify for). The tuition is still due no later than the Thursday or last day your child is in care.


Example: Week 2 your family will be on vacation and your child will not be back in care until week 3. On Thursday of week 1 you will pay:

  1. First week free
  2. The following week 2 and week 3 tuition needs to be paid (in full) before you go onto your trip or your child’s spot will be forfeited.





Parents/ guardians must completely fill out the admission form. Do not leave any areas blank, please place N/A if it does not apply to your child. If your child is not in a school a current copy of his/her shot records must be provided at the time of enrollment before your child may start care. Staff is required to take a 30 minute class on immunizations which means each staff member is certified to identify what shots are needed for each child.


We must have a current email for all individuals who need to receive daily notes. We send daily notes and communicate through our dojo and or tadpoles. Please download these apps. Parents are responsible for checking notes daily. It is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible if you are not receiving notes.


Forms needed.


  1. Parent handbook signed (on enrollment form)
  2. Registration form completely filled out with no blanks.
  3. Child’s health information form
  4. Immunization records or affidavit form showing exempt.
  5. Infant feeding form
  6. Medication administration form
  7. Food program form signed
  8. Emergency medical authorization (on registration form)
  9. Doctor’s letter for food allergies
  10. Media use form (on registration form)
  11. Emergency Contact List


Due to conflict of interest and legal liability providers may not babysit any children during their employment at this home child care. Any parent or guardian who chooses to ignore this policy cannot hold this home child care accountable for any outcomes and we will terminate care with your family.  We have the right to refuse service to anyone and we have the right to terminate your family enrollment if your family can not comply with our policies.


We will sign your child in and out using tadpole’s app. You are responsible for your child prior to signing in and after signing out. Please be mindful of children when parked on the street. Please ensure children are properly secured in a car seat and do not ever leave any children unattended in a vehicle. There are no toys from home. In order for your child to have a smooth drop off transition we ask that you leave all toys at home and do not allow the toys in the vehicle with you.

Required items

Blankets, enough diapers for diaper changes, non absorbent mat, wipes, change of clothes, enrollment forms, doctor’s letter for allergies, and current shot records. It is your responsibility to label all items. Your child can not start if all items are not present. Please bring kids items in plastic bag only because we will place them in cubby. (No diaper bags/ backpacks of any kinds).

When dropping off your child, the provider will ask for any FYI (for your information) which are but not limited to cuts, bumps, colds, coughs, runny noses, how your child slept , any major changes in behaviors or home environment. Providers will also do a quick scan over your child for head lice and any other things that may need to be addressed and noted.


We will release your children to individuals who are on the child’s authorized pick up list. These individual must have a valid photo id, be 18 years or older and not be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Unless we have a court order we cannot keep a child from the other parent. If your child’s other parent isn’t on the enrollment form for authorized pick up we will not release your child to that parent however, unless there is a court order in place we cannot stop a parent who is on a child’s enrollment form without any legal justifications. In all instance we will communicate with you.


We do not offer transportation of any kind.



                We do not take any field trips.


There is no smoking allowed in or around the child care home. We will monitor the news for any high alert weather days to ensure our children with asthma can participate outside safely.


                We support breastfeeding at this child care.


Your child may or may not adjust well to our child care environment. We will communicate immediately to help your child to adjust. However, if your child is unable to adjust to our child care environment and we have communicated twice through our class dojo/ tadpole system we will recommend your child for another learning program. (Followed up by letter)


We will communicate with you immediately if your child is frequently and deliberately causing harm to others and/or is frequently and deliberately being destructive to our equipment and supplies. This behavior is unsafe and will not be tolerated. If the problem cannot be resolved after two documented communication sessions between parents and staff we will ask that your child be removed from the child care.


Children who are potty training will need pull-ups just for nap times, enough change of clothes for the week, enough underwear for the week and wipes. We do not allow children who are potty training in diapers. Children potty training will need to be dropped off in underwear. It is important that parents partner with child care providers to ensure children are receiving the same guidance during this time. We are here to provide all the support that is needed for this transition to be success. Potty time is every hour unless a child needs it sooner.

                Potty Training Fees

                There’s an additional $20 a week potty training fee for children who are 2 years of age and not potty trained.


Children who are in diapers must have enough diapers to cover hourly diaper changing. Diapers must be labeled with your child’s initials prior to being dropped off. There’s a $1 fee for every diaper we use if your child runs out. After changing each diaper providers will write initial and time on your child’s diapers to ensure proper hourly diaper changing have been completed. Please label any diaper cream or items sent with your child.




If at any moment you are not pleased with care please communicate with providers to ensure we are on the same page. If termination of care is due to moving or any other reason a two week notice will be required so we may fill your child’s spot. You will receive a $100 reward if you recommend care and fill your child’s spot to someone and they enroll in care with us. The family enrolling with us must fulfill two weeks of paid care in order for us to send your reward.


We use the curriculum from Adaycare. This program is tailored to each age group and will be posted in the parent notification area every month. The lessons we complete will be sent out a month in advance and kept for a year.


Please dress children in clothing appropriate for indoor and outdoor play. When dressing your children please be mindful that your child will get dirty. Please avoid dressing your children in sandals with no backs, accessories that do not stay on (headbands, bows, and watches). Do not allow your child to wear jewelry that you don’t want to break. Apply sunscreen and outdoor bug spray on your children prior to dropping your child off.



Meals during the week are served at:

Breakfast -8:30am


Mid-Pm snack 3pm

Late-pm snack 5pm

Only meals that are on the menu for each day will be provided and only during times listed above. Children may have three servings of everything being served for each meal if he or she request for more. If your child has special food needs and or may not like what we are offering for that day you are more than welcome to provide his or her meals (no discount provided for bringing your own meals) we are not help responsible for nutritional value meals provided from home however we will ensure all food from home meets minimum standards such as cutting hot dogs and grapes. If your child dropped off early please provide a light snack because we do not serve anything until breakfast. Providers will measure all fruits, veggies, and meat and dairy products for each child based on each child’s age to ensure they meet minimum standards for nutrition. All meals and snacks provided by the child-care home will be nutritious and based on the daily food needs for children of that particular age. Children receive milk, water, 100% percent juice for breakfast and lunch and water for pm snacks.








Please obtain a letter from your child’s doctor that is signed and dated by your doctor stating your child has a food allergy. This letter needs to outline the specific actions the doctor wants us to take in the event of this food allergy flare up. Please keep in mind a family food preference is not the same as a food allergy and we can honor food preferences that are due to medical and religious reasons.


We do not give medications. We will allow a child to have his/her inhaler for asthma but the child must be able to use it without any assistance.


Nap time begins after a child has eaten his or her food. Nap time ends for all children by 3pm. For boys and girls ages 5 years of age and older they will sleep in a different area apart from each other. Every Friday blankets will go home to be cleaned. All children must rest on their mats for at least one hour before being offered an alternative activity. Alternative quiet activities will be reading a book, puzzles, and coloring.


In the event that your child becomes ill during the day, the parents/ guardian/or authorized person to pick up child(ren) will be contacted to come pick up your child, unless medical evaluations by a health care professional indicates that your child can be included in the child care activities. At any time if we feel that a child may have an illness or not acting his or her normal functioning self( for example laying on the floor and not eating/ to name a few) providers will request that the child be picked up. Parents please remember no matter how clean a child care may be children (especially young children) will become sick. Other young children cough and sneeze without covering their mouth. Please make sure to keep all children who are sick in the comfort of their home. If we request for your child to be picked up because of a fever or illness your child will have to be fever free and illness free for 24 hours or cleared with a doctor’s note stating the exact return date to care. You have one hour to have someone to pick up your child from care when contacted. If your child isn’t picked up from care within one hour and it happens twice we will no longer accept your child into our program. If your child is out for two or more days for illness we will require a doctor’s note clearing them for care. If your child has any of the following below you will be asked to have a doctor’s note stating the child is cleared to return back in care.

  1. You may visit the following website to see the following illnesses that would exclude your child from care:


  1. As stated in minimum Standards Rules, a child will not be admitted if one or more of the following exists and will need a doctor’s note to return.


  1. The illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in child-activities, including outdoor play.
  2. The illness results in a greater need for care than caregivers can provide without compromising the health, safety, and supervision of the other children in care.
  3. The child has one of the following, unless medical evolution by health-care professional indicates that

you can include the child-care activities:  


  1. Oral temperature of 101.0 degrees or greater, accompanied by behavior changes or other signs of symptoms of illness;
  2. Armpit temperature of 100.0 degrees or greater, accompanied by behavior changes or other signs of symptoms of illness.
  3. Symptoms and signs of possible severe illness, such as lethargy, abnormal breathing, diarrhea, two or more vomiting episodes in 24 hours, rash with fever, mouth sores with drooling, wheezing, behavior changes, or other signs that the child may be severely ill;


  1. A healthcare professional has diagnosed the child with a communicable disease, and the child does not have medical documentation to indicate that the child is no longer contagious.


  1. If your child is allergic to anything and to any food and or requires a special diet, please provide a doctor’s or health-care professional’s letter.


If your child is seriously injured, CPR and or the appropriate first aide will be administered until help arrives. 911 will be contacted immediately for assistance. Parents/ guardian/ or authorized person to pick up children will be contacted as soon as possible. Information given in your enrollment packet will be used at this time. Please remember to keep your child’s records updated. If a child’s condition requires urgent medical attention am ambulance will be called to transport the child to the casualty section of hospital and the child’s parents will be contacted and advised to meet the child there. If the condition of the child is not urgent but nonetheless requires medical attention, example: a cut which is no longer bleeding but may need stitches, then every effort will be made to contact the child’s parents so they come and take the child to the hospital or to a medical practitioner. However, if the child’s parents are not reachable the next person on the authorized pick up list will be contacted; if they cannot be reached then an ambulance will be called to take your child to hospital.

Children will not be transported in providers cares under any circumstances. In view of this, parents/guardians/or authorized person to pick up child (ren) are advised to ensure they hold ambulance insurance. This child care will not accept liability for the treatment provided and any expenses will be met by the parent. (please note undertakings already given on the registration form for emergency procedures.) any accident or injury which occurs to a child during care (no matter how minor) will be documented in the child care system and an incident illness form will be filled for required illness and injuries under minimum standards. Child care providers will inform parents of any accident/injury either by phone or at pick up time and parents will be required to sign the form acknowledging that they have been informed of an accident or injury to their child. In the event of a child’s injury involving a bump to the head or teeth the parent will be contacted by telephone immediately to allow the parent to assess the situation in consultation with the providers.


                (See attachment)


For all children who are not currently in a public and private school are required to have all up to date shots or doctor’s exempt shot form before starting care with us. All children in school are not required to have shots at home child care because, the shots, vision and hearing are all kept at school.





In the event that we have relocate all children to safety for more than 30 minutes time period or if the evacuation causes for the children to be inside in a safe area we will relocate to________________. For all weather related emergencies we will watch the news and close based on the weather conditions that we deem not safe for children such as tornado, flood, and severe weather. If we have children and there is a flood all children will be placed on an inflatable boat 6 per boat. All caregivers will activate “share my location” function on her phone so all parents will know the exact location of the children and staff.

Location 1                                Location 2                                Location 3


It is your responsibility to save the address to all relocations and have the directions and map printed in the event of an emergency.

For chilren18 months to 24 months all staff members will ensure each child in the age group is holding the hand of a child that is three years of age or older. The younger the child the older his or her partner will be. In the case of an extreme evacuation procedure we will grab the emergency bag (it has enrollment binder, 1st aide kit, food, water, games, music, and the center’s phone and primary caregiver’s cell phone). Staff and children will take the appropriate exists by walking. Once we have reached our safe area we will begin taking count of the children by calling them by their name and checking the system. While one caregivers interacts with children the other caregivers will contact licensing, local authorities, and last the parents. If needed the emergency contact person will be required to pick up children. Once a month we will practice our emergency preparedness. In the event there is only one caregiver all substitutes will be contacted to report to work to ensure all children are picked up safely.


Emergency evacuation procedures are displayed throughout the child care and the locations of extinguishers, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. Parents should familiarize themselves with the emergency evacuation procedures as they may be required to assist in an evacuation drill. A copy of the emergency evacuation procedures as they may be required to assist in an evacuation drill.  A copy of the emergency evacuation procedures is located on the parent bulletin board. First if we can we will try to put out the fire. We will try to put out the fire using the PAS method.

                Pull the pin out the fire extinguisher.

                Aim at the base of the fire.

                Sweep the fire extinguisher nozzle back and forth putting out the fire.


We will relocate 6 children to the bathroom in the hallway and any additional children will be with another caregiver in the master bathroom. We will have water, food, games for the children during this time.




In the event of severe flooding staff members will place on their life jackets and place life jackets on all children and place all children inside the floatation device. The enrollment forms and other important information will be laminated and placed in the emergency bag.


This child care does not open any doors for any unauthorized personnel during the hours of operation. In the event a caregiver feels that area of the child care is threaten local police will be called immediately. We use RING system which a camera motion doorbell that starts recording once triggered. There is also a function on RING where child care in connected with the rest of the community and will receive any alerts if there’s a dangerous person around. If inside children will relocate to severe locations (read above). If outside children will take cover inside the home or if they cannot get there they will locate in another area of the home.


                (See attachment)


                (See attachment)


Under the Texas Penal Code, any area within 1000 feet of a child- care center is a gang free zone, where criminal offenses related to organized activity are subject to harsh penalty.


I have checked the national and local sex offender’s site and there are no known registered sex offenders living near the area.